Sheriffs Interoperable Communication Vehicle Delivered to Lucas County

July 14, 2006

    On Friday, July 14, 2006, a new communications vehicle was delivered to the Lucas County Sheriffs Office. The vehicle will be made available, not only to agencies in Lucas County, but to agencies in the surrounding counties, including Ottawa County. The vehicle is fully equipped and ready for deployment as of today.

    Through a joint project of the Buckeye State Sheriffs Association and the Ohio Emergency Management Agency, regional communications interoperability vehicles are being dispersed to 11 counties across Ohio. The result will be a mobile interoperability network able to deploy within one hour.

    The specially equipped vehicles improve the ability of police, fire and other first responders to communicate during a large scale emergency. Vehicle are placed within 50 miles of the greatest percentage of population providing assistance and support to first responders during the first critical hours of an emergency. Deputies from the Lucas County Sheriffs Office, trained in the operation of the vehicle and its equipment, will deliver the vehicle and provide support to the agency requesting assistance.

    Each BSSA vehicle has the following features: operational voice communications on all known public safety frequencies, twelve MARCS hand held radios, six stand alone vehicle mounted radios, fourteen radios feeding interoperable patching equipment, day/night camera with a video distribution system, emergency scene lighting, onboard weather monitoring, cellular phone an fax, high-speed Ethernet data network and a peer to peer wireless network. Each vehicle has the ability to travel over non-paved roads. In addition there is room for incident commanders to meet and formulate plans during emergencies.

    Chief Deputy Riedmaier and Communications Sergeant James Lucas viewed the vehicle and were trained on its policies and use. Examples of when a vehicle such as this could have been used in Ottawa County is the Lonz Winery collapse and when the tornado traveled across the county several years ago. Emergency responders in Ottawa County will be training with the vehicle in the future so they can best utilize it if needed during an emergency.

    The Buckeye State Sheriffs Association and the Ohio Emergency Management Agency manage the program. The vehicle was paid for through federal homeland security funding.


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Posted July 14, 2006